Who Are We?

“It’s bigger on the inside!”
Doctor Who

The Victoria Untied Chapter Society (VUCS) Hall is often known affectionately as Harriet Hall or The Eastern Star Hall. Like the Tardis, in the TV show Doctor Who, it looks small from the curbside but it has quite a spacious interior and can accommodate up to 139 persons.

Why is it called 'The VUCS', you say?

Well it's a long story....let's take a walk down memory lane....

Parkdale Evangelical Church Picnic, circa 1930
The hall was built in 1941 by Parkdale Evangelical Church to house their large Sunday School program that had outgrown the confines of their church basement. 

In 1953, the Sunday school expanded their curriculum and became the Parkdale Bible School. It ceased to function, in 1968, as a school. Parkdale Church became the Parkside Evangelical Free Church and moved onto the premises. (This church congregation is now at 1095 Tolmie Ave.)  

On May 10, 1973, it was purchased by the Victoria United Chapter Society.

 Queen City Chapter #5 during the Worthy
Grand Matron's Official Visit in 2016
This Society was originally created in 1915 by the members of five Chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star; to raise funds to purchase or build their own hall.  Oak Bay Chapter # 42 withdrew from the Society in 1963 as they purchased Henderson Hall (in Oak Bay, sold and torn down in 2016) with Henderson Masonic Lodge. The four remaining Chapters at the time of the purchase of the hall were: Queen City Chapter #5, Victoria Chapter #17, Centennial Chapter #87 and Esquimalt Chapter #41.

Over the years all of the Chapters, save one, have closed or consolidated with other Chapters. Only Queen City Chapter #5 is left in Victoria and still meets at this hall. (Ruth Chapter #22, in Saanichton, is the only other Chapter south of Duncan.)

So, the Victoria-area Chapters (V) united (U) to purchase the hall with funds raised by these Chapters (C) and create a Society (S). Well, you get the point on the name, now, and the rest is history!

All Members of Queen City #5 are automatically members of the VUCS Society, which manage the hall. Directors of the Society are elected by the members each spring.

VUCS is a Not-For-Profit Society and no Directors are remunerated for the hard work they do, as per the Societies Act of BC. (Societies Act) The purpose of this Society is threefold:

  • to manage the upkeep and administer the funds of this property
  • providing an affordable place for non-profit clubs/groups to use as a meeting place and citizens in the community to rent at a very affordable cost for private functions such as weddings, memorials, anniversaries, fundraisers, etc. 
  • to promote the District of Saanich Strategic Plan for Social Well-Being (page 13) by encouraging a sense of community between the Society, all tenant bodies and the citizens of the municipality by promoting growth, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, inclusiveness and collaboration.